Maybelline browsatin.

the idea of this product personally I think is pretty good this double ended beauty is perfect for those who like to do a quick fill in or like to have a quick options for when there running late. 

powder end
One end has a powder inside of it for filling in it comes out through the spounge that is kinda spring loaded if that makes sense when you take the lid off.

pencil end
The other end is called a pencil it’s to me really like a crayon type thing that twists out.

The idea of the product is that you draw feather like storks with the pencil end the rub the powder end over and ‘fill’ it in. Now if your the kind of girl that likes there brows dark this product doesn’t really do the dark look dark look. 

I like a range of brows as funny as that sounds depending on colour of hair (as in on my head)  ect. And type of makeup heavy ect.
Holzy xoxo


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