Boe beauty bronzer 


 There are some products I don’t actually mind getting cheaper ones of for my self I just wouldn’t stock them in my kit for the fact that people will pay good money for that. There is to types of the boe range at big w there’s the boe beauty (around the $2 mark) and boe professional which they call there high end range which always makes me giggle a little to me self haha. Any way…..

For a $2 low end bronzer this one goes okay I love my high end napoleons and Mac ect. Being on a super tight budget while studying I’ve had to put my luxury’s on the back burner and get some cheaper brand stuff. Personally I only use bronzer for contour so for that this was ok. 

Am I impressed enough with boe beauty to buy it again not really to be honest but I’ll finish using this. It is nicely pigmented but I wouldn’t really recommend people to buy it. 

Holzy xoxo 


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