Chi chi brow pomade 

this is a new product in there range and ive never really used pomade before ive personally always filled in with powder I got the blonde one …. before I dyed my hair red so I kinda wish I got a darker colour now because now my hair is red my eye brows need to be a bit darker.

this is one of those product’s where a little goes a long way and I really mean that. I’m not going to lie I am a makeup artist and I watched quite a few YouTube videos on how people apply this product mostly because I wanted to see how others use this product every do there brows differently and I find that totally interesting haha don’t ask me why. I have a love hate relationship with my brows I fill them in but I’m always jealous of how others look I think its how every one secretly feels. brows are just one of those things

this product colour is good but you could easily put to much and get it to dark as the product it’s self is so soft you can get to much on your brush easy. It’s like a cream in texture and goes on smoothly. This product is pretty good I really like just remember to much makes them look painted on
Holzy xoxo 


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