Chi chi double trouble 2 in 1 eye liner

I love the idea of having the choice of kajal (crayon) eyeliner and liquid in the one pen to be honest and it was only $22.95 from myer which was cheaper than I actually expected I found it made doing wing eye liner for me easy (having a tremor) and although I’m rather bad at wing eye liner on my self I have to say for someone that’s bad on them self this actually made it super easy.

there was only one thing that I didn’t like about this product and that was that the liquid eyeliner takes a while to dry being a makeup artist this is actually one of my makeup pet peeves mainly because the last thing I want to do when I’m getting ready is to have to remember not to bling for 3 minutes after I apply it and like I have found with a few gel eyeliners as well you cant always trust the client to do so as well its just human nature to want to open your eye I think.

the idea of the product is that you use the liquid to out like the winged liner then use the other end to fill it in or as I like to say colour it in. so all in all apart from the problem with the eye liner not drying as fast as I personally would like I really love this product.

holzy xoxo


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