More of an introduction to me!. 

Hi hi all,

Every now and again I like to just do a little personal post shear a little more about me and all that jazz because that’s really just how I roll so hear we go for you.  I’m doing this in an old school fashion to for fun. 

Name: holly Maree (keeping my last name private for obvious reasons)

Age/dob: I actually just turned 30 on the 12/9.

Hobbies: sewing, blogging, vlogging

Job: im not working at the moment but I am a makeup artist in training 

My love for makeup: my love for makeup came about when I was 23 I know it was a bit late but I started working in pharmacy and we sold makeup and I just kept getting drawn to the makeup counter all the time to the point where I go in trouble with my boss haha. Working in pharmacy we where asked to wear makeup to work to look more professional and I didn’t really wear makeup before then and the obsession. Last year I finally decided just to take the jump and do my diploma.

How I got into blogging: last year  when I wasn’t working or studying and I wanted hobbies based on stuff I love lol and who doesn’t love an excuse to buy more makeup! 

How I got into vlogging: to be honest I just thought it would be nice for the blog reader and Twitter/Facebook/Instagram follower to see what I get up to in the real world. I started of as a normal YouTube and I’m not the best at that to I turn to vlogging more. 

Favorite colour: pink and purple  

Favorite makeup brand for myself: napoleon by far! Love it. 

Makeup Brand I buy the most: maybelline and Australis I most affordable for me right now. I still by my napoleon foundation but the little stuff I go these two.

Favorite other beauty brand: lush lush and more lush haha I’m pretty sure most of you have worked that out by now. 

Places I’ve lived: growing up an army brat I’ve lived in kurri kurri (my home town in the hunter valley) Townsville, Perth, Sydney and Canberra (current)

Place I live now: I live in a lovely suburb in Canberra called Franklin it still has some country feel to it which it why I love it.

photo from my street

My beautiful puppy dusty 

Holzy xoxo


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