Skin b5 skin purifying mask

******* media sample *******

This product was given to me by skin b5 but all opinions and thoughts are my own I have not been paid but just given this product to try.  

This Skinb5 mask actually left me skin feeling nice and soft. It’s been a While since I’ve tried any masks or anything like that and in saying that I mean like years!. 

It kinda feels like one of those thick mud ones. Put it thicker on the problem areas.  You leave it for 5 minutes to dry then wash off with warm water it’s a lovely treat for the skin. I tend to lay it on thick just because I love how soft it makes after. I’m definitely going to buy more of this mask!.

A few years ago I have really bad ache and I was on roccataine (nasty stuff) I seriously encourage any of you to look into the side effects ect. Before ever going on to it. . . . (All medication information is freely available for the consumers via the internet) Roccatane consumer information. In saying this when I came off the it I still get brake outs so far this product is amazing being the little hippy sole that I am I love that this product is also vegan friendly. I might not me vegan or vegetarian but I like to try keep my impact as low as possible. It has nothing that is to harsh on the skin. 

I highly recommend this face mask! 

Stay tuned for more in this range. 

Holzy xoxo


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