Essence blush up! 

 Essence is one of those brands that’s actually pretty good for a cheap brand and is actually owned by one of the bigger makeup companys 


1. Pinky flow. Its called pinky flow I love the fact that you pretty much get 2-3 Blushes colours for $7 (ish) it’s a light pink to darker pink gradient blush which I love the idea of because you have the choice of light pink dark or mix them both. It also has a little shimmer in this one. 


pinky flow swatches (right one is the mix)
2. Heat wave. This is the other one in the blush up! Range once again I love the idea of it choice of 3 colours Orange base blush and pink or mix the 2 


heat wave swatches (right ones a mix of both)
A few years ago the thought of owning more than one blush colour would seem crazy to me haha now that’s a hole different story. I want blushes in all different shades it’s Terrible haha. 

These essence blushes are easy to blend on the face. They last all day which is awesome in a cheaper brand makeup!. Although I love the expensive brand I find that things like blush it’s ok to cut corners. That just my opinion every makeup artist has there own thoughts and like I said I only keep the good stuff in my kit for clients. 

Holzy xoxo


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