Maybelline colordrama lip pencil 

I was mainly attracted to these because there pencils  and I love try different things 

love my pink

fuchsia desire
light it up
red essential
in with coral
berry much

I’m loving these lip pencils they last well. I’m finding more and more the Matt lip sticks stay on heaps better than anything else. The only problem is that I have naturally dry lips so I mostly wear lipstick on occasions like dinner or lunches not just every day use. Which is sad because I LOVE lipstick.

These are super smooth to apply although a bit weird at first because it’s a pencil comparison to the traditional lipstick tube. There matts obviously as I’ve pointed out before. I’m obsessed with water and the amount of water I drink didn’t remove to much of it which is what impresses me with lipstick. 

Holzy xoxo 


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