Australis ac cc cream 

So there are so so so many different creams these days bb,cc , tinted moisturizer and foundation so first of all I wanna brake it down a bit. 

Bb cream is in between a foundation and a tinted moisturiser but it also has added antioxidants that’s just to brake it down more simply.

Cc cream Aka colour correct cream this is thinner than bb cream but designed to illuminate and reduce redness in the skin. Coverage can change from brand to brand. 

Tinted moisturiser is pretty self explanatory its foundation mixed with moisturiser. It’s not as popular not that the bb creams and cc creams

Foundation well foundation is foundation full coverage 


Now moving on This is the first cc cream I’ve tried and I’m liking it for the fact that it takes that redness out of your skin. It’s good for just wearing to class (well for me) or just ducking down to the shops for coffee. I don’t brake up to much now being 30 but I still do sorry guys the pimples do keep coming just not as bad. 

For those who have the dreamy perfect skin that everyone dreams of in life this is perfect Or that you have ok skin with just a few red patches. I find that my cheeks get red easy and this one easily evens it out. 

I’ll have to try some other brand out but I’m liking this cc cream 



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