Assessment based on fantasy and one Colour 

the assessment was based on mono colour so I had red and I picked the emotion anger/frustration.

my idea kind of came from that I fond it such a struggle to get inspo for this assessment haha I have so many assessments to do at the moment that my posts may not be as frequent sorry in advance. 

Any way. . 

So here’s how I came up with me idea my creative thinking process with this one was going through a list of things some people would do when they feel angry and/or frustrated  and one I thought of was cry lucky my Colour was red so it wasn’t mistaken for sad.


Sadly this after I did it reminded me so much of how I felt after me and my ex broke up that I call it 7 years with my ex. I used grease paints which I have a total love hate relationship with and glitter to do the tears the idea is that she’s still glamorous through it all. 

Holzy xoxo


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