hi all 

I’ve received 42 blog followers which means the world to me so I thought in celebration I would reintroduce my self to you all and try to throw a few things my followers I already had didn’t know about me out there…. 

I’m holly Maree 

I am a makeup artist in training in Canberra, Australia. I’m currently not working but my hobby’s exclude blogging and sewing. At the moment the love of my life is my rescue whippet dusty. 

dusty ❤️❤️❤️

I have a Nuroloigical disorder call essential tremor that pretty much means I shake It does effect my makeup but I just find ways to do things differently. 

I got into makeup blogging late last year because I just love trying new stuff so much but I started off using “blogger” but hated that there was not a lot of ways to see who’s interacted with you blog so a few months ago a swapped and WordPress and proven to be better already. 

I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and feel free to comment/ask questions  and like and all that jazz

Holzy xoxo



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