Boe professional signature lip trio.

I originally got this because it was cheaper that buying stuf individually to try and blog for you guys and I had all intentions on blogging about them separately but I changed my mine last minute!. So here I go. 

The slightly annoying thing about this pack is you can’t get the lip liner on its own for a start. It says it’s $12.95 saving $5 but the lip sticks are $8.95 and the lip gloss Is $6.95 so the liner that you can’t actually but is only worth $2.95!¡ that’s for making me feel special big w! 

So for those that don’t know boe professional range is only available at big w stores There is to ranges there’s “boe beauty” which is like a range around the $2 mark and then there is “boe professional” which is meant to be there more high end range. 

So there pro signature lip trio consists of a lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner. On the back of the pack they suggest that you use all three together personally I think unless it’s for a photo shoot and it’s the look your going for its a bit over the top. You pick one or the other lipstick or lipgloss. In saying that I know I got this pack I actually didn’t realize it suggested that when I got it I thought it was just a lip pack.


l to r: lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner
Colour last lipstick.

This one was in the Colour scarlet it’s a red I nice red and a nice pink are alway a must have for me. This is I nice red not to pale not to red it says Colour last to me that gives to impression that it stays on but it doesn’t it kind of stains and that’s it. 

Big xxx kiss lip gloss.

As you all who follow me  know I’m not the biggest fan of lipgloss but I’ll always give it ago this one it one of the better ones I’ve tried it’s thick but not sticky and the Colour is good. I hate when you get a lipgloss and it looks dark and when you put it on it’s really see through. I love highly pigmented products!

Lip liner.

The lip liner I’m really annoyed that I couldn’t see the lip liner for sale and it wasn’t even on the website. I think even if they just bring out a few Colours they really need to consider bringing them out. I would love for a makeup company to bring out a universal lip liner that can be used with all lip Colours but what would I know I’m just a makeup artist!. 
All in all from what I’ve used so far in this brand I like it and if your on a tight budget it’s really worth while I do wish they would maybe work with a makeup artist on some things to make improvements. Or get ideas but hey we can’t have every thing 
Holzy xoxo 



4 thoughts on “Boe professional signature lip trio.

    1. Maybe it was a boe beauty one and not the boe professional one?. Don’t know my big w never has much stock and every time I tweet them and comment or ask why they ignore it haha funny that

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