Into the deep makeup look.

we had a class challenge to do a into the deep themed makeup and hair look this was probably one challenge where I had and idea pop into mind right away

The challenge was that we could so any theme we wanted as long as it was into the deep so eg: sea,bush, ect. I went with into the deep ocean when I was in lincraft last I saw flat sequins (pic above) at the time I didn’t know how I would use them but I would some how. 

On the day we where given 2 and a half hours to get inspo and come up with a Facecharts design that would work. 


my final facechart
(The circles at the top are where the sequins go) 

The thing I hate about Facecharts is they never look anything like what the makeup looks like on the face well they do but I meant it’s a flat bit of paper!. 

This makeup look was more of a challenge than I thought it would be I wanted a look that was fantasy but still beauty. The sequins where really hard and annoying to get on and off I feel really sorry for my model. They where attached using lash glue and we all know how annoying that stuff is. 

I’m super happy with my end result  

model – ashleigh brook


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