rimmel apocalips.

this stuff is a lip lacquer so its like I really thick lip gloss but with out the stickiness you get with some thick lip glosses. I personally not a fan of lip gloss unless I have my hair up just for the fact that if its windy my hair sticks to it (ew right! and then when you sweep your hair away you get that line of gloss up your face) Ok yep I got totally distracted theses ones arnt to bad but then again I have worn them out side with my hair down and at the moment Canberra is windy. 

The Colours are very bright and pretty Well pigmented. There not overly sticky. They come in a big range of Colours like most lipsticks 

In brights and neutrals which pretty much go with any makeup and any outfit! Remember you make your eyes pop or you lips not both. 


It you want to go for a gloss this would definitely be one I would recommend 

Holzy xoxo



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