80’s themed makeup and costume look.

A good friend of mine is having a op shop prom style birthday!!! How excite and I decided to blog and tell you how I pulled the costume together.


 I made the Wake up and make up shirt my self I did a blog on that last week with the sequins this was very time consuming but oddly relaxing if you where to do this I would recommend you do it while watching a movie or something.


This skirt I actually made my self. I’m very proud of it. I’ve never really been one to follow patterns they do my head in I actually sit down with a bit of paper and map it out measurements and all. This awesome fabric I got from lincraft.

  I also made a matching scrunchie 


The 80’s where all about bright Colours so I naturally went for my 2 favorite colours pink and purple in brights where Napoleon but you can really use any thing this was just what I had in my personal use stash at home I also used a white eyeliner as the base to no only make the Colours last longer but make them stand out more it also stops the Creace you get in eyeshadows. 80’s where less about blending and more about blocks of Colour that’s why I got the lines in this.

Lashes these are the ones I blogged about Last week “(Pimp my lashes
Incase she reads this  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUZIE!


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