I got a smiley piercing!! 

Last week I got a smiley piercing and I thought I would answer a few questions i had but couldn’t find answers to ect.

I am a tattoo and piercing lover I don’t go around and shout it to the world very often because I do them for my self and no one else. After over 6 months of thinking about it I got my smiley done.

For those who don’t know I smiley piercing is the bit of skin that connects your upper lip and you gum inside your mouth near your nose. 

Q: did it hurt?

A: no it’s actually the least painful piercing I’ve have so far.

Q: what’s the healing time?

A: 1 month

Q: can you feel it? 

A: like a tounge piercing if you have ever had one it just becomes part of you I even forget I’ve got my tounge pierced. It’s only been a week and in so use to it. 


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