Pimp your false lashes. 

here is a little something I learnt in class and I do all the time do costumes or shoots ect. Adding to your basic lashes to make them pop. 

what you’ll need

What you’ll need.

– lash glue 

– fine glitter

– tweezer (optional just for getting them out of the pack)

– baking paper

– lashes of your choice
If done right this will look nice firstly I put the baking paper down this is solely to make clean up easy and mess no worries. I use a glue that has a brush on it because to much glue can make clumping and also use a lash glue that drys clear. I put a little glue on the baking paper and I dip the ends of the lashes and then dip them quickly in the the glitter I tap the lashes gently to get rid of excess or loose glitter so there is less fall out on your face when you wear them 

The reason I use fine glitter is because I don’t want chunky glitter taking over me looks you really can use whatever glitter you want it’s just my personal preference. 
I like to just do the ends so they look good when the light hits them but you can do as much as you want. I prefer to do these before hand so excess can fall and the sticky of the lash glue can settle.

These ones I did for a party I’m going to this week

Holzy xoxo


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