Primer tips. 

There are two types of primer and for years I actually Didn’t know that There is silicone based and water based ones. Your skin type or condition can affect the type of primer that might be better for you

Silicone based helps absorb excess oil on the skin, smooths out the skin (finer lines) and makes pores appear smaller it has a Weird gel like texture and it feels really smooth/Saturn like when you rub it in. The silicone based ones are best for oily skin types. Although there is no real rule of what you should and shouldn’t use. 

Water based primers are awesome for dry skin you don’t want to block the pores on dry skin with silicone based primer because then you’ll get brake outs. Water based primers tend to be more moisture based rather than the “smoothing” that the silicone dose.
I really hope this helps you guys

Holly xoxo


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