A day in the life of this makeup student. 

This is a day in the lif of me! In a nut shell. Starting from Friday 12am till 11:59 pm 

3:30am – I’m still awake!!! Thanks to my tremor medication I’m still awake! And my dog is next to me in my bed snoring. 


4am – sleep finally 

7am – alarm goes off hit snooze 
7:09am – snooze

(Snooze till 8am)

8:00am – get up make coffee and eat brekky 

8:20am- make sure my kit is filled and all brushes are back in.

8:30am – get changed put iPad in bag and water bottle 

8:45am- get picked up by my friend in my class and drive to drop off her daughter 

9:30am- class starts.

11:45am- lunch brake 

12:30pm – classes resume we wach a video done by a lovely makeup up artist named Rae Morris she’s pretty amazing and has some awesome books you’ll should check her out! We had to try recreat the makeup she did in her video.

4:00pm – pack up out kits and clean the class room. 

4:15pm- pick up my class mates daughter and head home. 

4:50pm – arrive home dump my kit and have a nap. 

6:00pm- make the family dinner. 

7:00pm– watch movies together 

10:pm – bed 
Not very exciting I know but I’ve had questions so I thought I would do a blog. 


add me to snap if you love me!!
Holzy xoxo



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