July beauty favorites!

i can’t believe July is over already! I jumping on the band wagon every one else is doing it so here’s my fave beauty from nods for July!. (Although I’m totally against following the crowd)  in no particular order at all.😘😘

1. The greeench powder deodorant – I know I love lush and mostly because there products are amazing and non harmful. It smells very strong in the bottle but once on 👌🏼👌🏼.

2. Chi chi pallet bronzes – I bought about 3 pallets in this brand this months and the bronzes I use the most.

3. The body shop unstable primer – this it the one primer I go back to all the time in fact I just ran out of it. It has shine control for us oily faced people.

4. Socialeyes minx 2.0 lashes – these are in the party section on socialeyes website and they are definitely not day to day lashes I used these on a client and they where amazing!!!.

5. Lush ultrabalm – this stuff I bought on a whim and didn’t thing I would use it much but with winter being hear I’ve used it so much more than I thought I would! 
Well that’s in I tried to keep it to 5 and keep the lush loves low haha. 

Holzy xoxo  



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