what being alternate is all about to me.

most of my life I have struggled to fit in I’m almost 30 (freaks out quietly) and when I grew up mums where stay at home and there wasn’t an abundance of money to “keep up with trends”  pocket money was only $10 a week, phone credit was only given on special occasions (Christmas/easter/birthday) and I think text really only came in when I was 16ish. phones where really only so your parents could contact you at all times and they where big! and $30 credit was just that $30

my first phone
my first phone

personal I think life was much more simpler back then. so I think that’s where most of my alternate choices come from. I just stopped caring about what was in fashion and looked more at what I could afford. I hate that school these days is so popular based these days and if your not in that croud well your stuffed.


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