how to clean false eyelashes and make them last. 

Lash are one of those thing that Us gals love but they can be so expensive. Specially cause I remember about 5 years ago buying them for a night out and in my over drunken state pealing them off and leaving them on a dance floor somewhere or waking up with them stuck to the pillow next to you.

Lashes in Priceline are around $10 a pack or more that’s expensive so hears some tips and hints about making the most out of your lashes… There is a lot of debate when you look it up on how many times you can reuse lashes some people say if you can wear contacts for 30 days you can wear the lashes that long. now when it comes to clients I only use them once for obvious hygiene reasons but when its personal use that’s a totally different story. because the lashes go near your eye and eyes are such a sensitive area its important that if you intend to reuse them a lot that you clean them correctly remove as much makeup/lush glue as possible soooooo here we go….

when you remove your lashes clean them asap

get a shallow dish place the lashes in it and pour a oil based eye makeup remover in enough to cover the lashes and soak for an hour.

after an hour take the lashes out and place them on a tissue or paper towel and gently wipe off excess makeup and glue.

let it dry for a few minutes then get an alcohol swab and gently wipe the band of the lashes (this is really more to sanitize them)

place the lashes back in the pack to ensure they stay protected and in shape.

Holzy xoxo

P.s images are not my own and where found by googling fake lashes  


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