11 uses for coconut oil.

coconut oil has been a big thing for a few years now sooo hears some of the many uses That you don’t hear about too often

1. Bath soak- add half a cup to a warm/hot bath and enjoy!

2. Conditioning hair mask – coconut oil is an amazing hair mask and Is really moistursing for the scalp! Put it on your hair 10-15 minutes before your shower then wash out.

3. Tinted lip balm – Add a little of your favourite eye shadow pigment to coconut oil to create your own tinted lip balm.

4. Lip balm – you can also use it as a normal lip balm! Just dab a little on.

4. Excess wax remover – rub a little on the waxed area and it will help lift off the excess wax left on the skin. 

5. Chafing- rub a little on the skin in the spot you normally chafe before chafing starts to help prevent it

6. Dry elbows- you know the super dry elbows you get in winter …… Coconut oil will help with that.

7. Eyebrows- rub the smallest amount on you eyebrows to keep them in place all day.

8. Dry nostrils– rub a little on the inside of each nostril

9. Cracked heals-  rub on you heals then put new clean socks after

10. Split ends – rub a small amount in to the end of dry hair to help prevent split ends 

11. Eczema  – put on eczema of a night to help moisturised 

Holzy xoxo  

P.s images are not my own and where found by googling fake lashes


2 thoughts on “11 uses for coconut oil.

  1. I have recently become obsessed with coconut oil. Mostly for cooking though haha. I have ventured out and used it as lotion but I had never thought of putting it on my eyebrows! You learn something new everyday! Thanks!

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