Diy moisturiser 

this moisturiser is more like a balm it’s really good for dry feet, elbows and hands in the winter months. It’s oil based so it can be greasy when first applied. 

You will need

– 1/2 a cup of olive oil 

– 1/4 a cup of coconut oil

– 1/4 a cup of cosmetic grade beeswax. (Most soap and lip balm supply shops have it)

optional 10 drops of essential oil (just for smell)

– a container to store it in

– a microwave safe dish 

Put all ingredients in to microwave safe container and microwave in 30 second intervals until all melted and combined ** please be careful it gets hot! ** when all is melted and combined pour into the container you want to store in carefully and let it cool overnight as it cools it gose into a solid like form like a balm And use! 

Because it is thick it’s better used at night 😄 I get eczema on my feet and this stuff works so well
Holzy xoxo 



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