limecrime v australis liquid to matt lipstick

lime crime velvetine

I love line crime but I found that 1. It’s experience specially after postage and 2. You have to wait for what feels like forever for it to arrive well it feels that way to me any way. If I just want one item I always end up spending $30-$35 just for one velvetine. I’m not working at the moment while I’m studying so to me that’s a lot of money!. There is also the controversy about lime crime ending contracts with Australian suppliers I personally will still order things from them when money’s not tight but I still think it was a pretty bad move by them. 

Aside from the price and postage wait I fount pansy one of there newest colors is a bit of an art to get on nicely. Well I found this any way.

So I went on a quest to find something similar that I liked that didn’t cost an arm and a leg that I liked just as much.

australis velourlips

I tried australis velourlips there around $10-$11 At most shops I have seen them for $6.50 on special and so far I could almost say I like it better than lime crime. There both cruelty free brands.

There is a bigger color selection to choose from there are 15 velourlips colors to choose from way more than lime crime.

In terms of staying power they are equally that same. Like all long wear lipsticks if you have greasy foods it will come off quicker ect ect.

Personally my only problem with these products is they make your lips feel a little dry after wear but it an easy fit I found if you apply a lip balm then do the rest of you face then wipe the lip balm off and apply lip color.

I personally would highly recommend Australis brand.

holzy xx


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