Lash tweezers and glue.



there is a lot of people out there that have trouble with applying lashes I know with my tremor I certainly do so to day I thought it would talk about lash glue and tweezers. as a makeup artist were not meant to use on clients for safety reasons but for personal reasons theses are amazing specially for me with my essential tremor. Iv honestly have always had a love for lashes ive just struggled to get them on …. I can get them on others but not my self. These are the best lash tweezers ive found by far. They a curved just right well I think so. there $8.95 on the socialeye web site.

the glue

the glue in this brand is equally amazing you don’t have to wait as long as other glues for it to getting to applying stage its pretty much ready to go which is a massive time saver and there is less time flapping your arms around getting it to dry hehe. it also has a little brush at the end so like the tube ones you don’t have that risk of getting to much glue. the lash glue is $6.50.

I would highly recommend this brand I use it on my clients and my self and I love it.

I hope you all enjoyed this blog

holzy xoxo

P.s Holzy merchandise take a peek 


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