Dry shampoo.

hi hi all.

so with the ever growing dry shampoo popularity I thought why not do a blog on it because just why not. most of you that know me well enough will know my different stages of dirty hair. unless its really hot out side the higher up my head it goes the dirtier it is haha. As you can see from the photo above my hair is long haha some time I ever don’t realize how long it actually is living in Canberra in winter I avoid washing my hair so much because of the cold. SO I use dry shampoo a lot. because the hippy side of me likes to be good to the earth when I can I prefer to use lush no drought dry shampoo.

 there other brands like Batiste spray but there is something about the ingredience list that scares me.

tip 1.

leave dry shampoo in for at least 10 min before brushing out it in do your makeup and then go back to it. I personally like to put it in before bed and leave it over night and brush my hair in the morning.

tip 2.

specially with the powdered dry shampoo a tangle teaser really comes in handy. sprinkle it on then use the tangle teaser to work it in by putting the putting it on the scalp and wiggling it I find this most effective. You can get cheaper versions of this brush in lady Jane or at Wolworths

Tip 3. 

Dry shampoo dispite the name only gives the appearance that hair is clean. Which really is a little misleading all its designed to do is absorb the excess oil from the root area of the hair. So work out what works for you … I personally use dry shampoo on the third day then wash it on the 4th. 


Why I avoid spray dry shampoo.

So I only have to one at home to refer off but here I go



I don’t know how many of you have looked at the ingredients to this product but it’s actually quite scary well I found it was. 

1. Butane – Butane well enough said really it’s used in a lot of spray products. But also used in lighter fluid and also used in motor gasoline.

2. Isobutane – similar to butane but used differently. 

3. Propane – another type of gas

4. oryza sativa starch – also known as rice starch this is the first ingredient in it that actually to do with absorbing the oil from the roots of your hairs done is cosmetic grade

5. Alcohol denat – alcohol deterrent ” Denatured alcohol, also called methylated spirits or spiritus, is ethanol that has additives to make it poisonous, extremely bad tasting, foul smelling or nauseating, to discourage recreational consumption. In some cases it is also dyed.” 

6. Parfume – as it said perfume used to give the product a pretty smell 

7. distearyldimonium chloride – this pretty much softenes the hair this ingredient was largely used in fabric softeners but was fazed out due to the fact that it’s not biodegradable on a cosmetic level in conditioners mainly for its destatic elementsx.

8. Cetrimonium chloride – is a topical antiseptic and also used in shampoos and conditioners as a conditioning agent 

So as you can see there is only one ingredient there that actually absorb the excess oil from the hair. I’m not going to force my options on you so I’ll let you decide.

Dyi dry shampoo

While Lush dry shampoo is really affordable and last a while you can make similar at home. 

Look in your kitchen cupboard and bathroom ones. And choose from the follow

*Baking soda.  (Deodorises).


*Corn starch

*Ground oatmeal ( in a fine powder)

*Talcum powder/baby powder (same product marketed differently)

Mix into equal parts in a shaker style container.

Lush dry shampoo
Baste dry shampoo

Hope you all found this helpful in some way

Holzy xoxo


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