Covergirl jumbo lip gloss balm

I love these they feel like a lip balm but there not. Some days I just don’t feel like  wearing lipstick… Although as much as I did hate it I am starting to like lipgloss again all depending on what eyeshadow I have on. For all you people out there that get dry lips easy like me these are awesome.

These are good because they have they have a slight shine to them like a gloss they feel like a balm and there super affordable.

I always hated how if it’s windy you hair stuck to your gloss but I’m finding that the wind in Canberra kinda dose the same thing to lipstick but then it leaves lines on the side of your face (I experienced the last year on my way to enrol at makeup academy worst time ever) but that off the topic.

I definitely recommend people trying these because there so cheap you really can’t say no and if you keep an eye out at Priceline they go on special a lot.

holzy xoxo


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