When contouring goes wrong! 

that nose
we all know that contouring and highlighting is a big thing at the moment all thanks to Kim Kardashian as all ways it takes one famous person to like something and a craze starts haha im not complaining really I like contouring and highlighting too. now there is the strobing as well which is pretty much just highlighting. soooooo I’m here today blogging about when contouring goes wrong because I’m noticing more and more that some girls that LOVE the kimmy k look are taking it that litttttttttle bit to far and you know what that’s ok its ok to make makeup mistakes …… I wore the wrong colour foundation for years before realizing (this was way way before I started in makeup artistry when I was like 20) we ALL make mistakes. so here is a few tip I would like to shear with you all so we have less chance of having these problems.

powder contour v cream.

ok so we all have personal prefrences on how we do our make up and how we like to do it. I personally like my highlight to have a little shimmer to it but not to much and my contour to be well blended. to me countering is better done cream and highlighter in power but like I said it all comes down to personal preference.

contouring mistakes

ohhhhhh boy

ok well I’m hoping this one is obvious the most mistakes im noticing in contouring is over contouring with powder to the point where you just got a brown line down your face if you insist on this look (like I said each to there own) make sure that its placed right. if it helps you feel your face the point in your face where the cheek bone ends and kind of rolls in??? well there you go contour goes there. wooooot. now if you look in the mirror straight ahead where your pupil is were contour should. simple! well placing is it might take a little getting use to though. with cream coutour the rule of thumb is 2 shades darker than your foundation colour



highlighting to much just makes you look pale and washed out. don’t go for a white but I lighter skin colour like in the pallet I showed you this week  in my australis countour and highlight kit or once again 2 shades lighter than your foundation colour. I personally like to use a power with a bit of shimmer in it for highlighting so when the sun or light hits it you get that glow.

I hope my tip and hints help you all
holly xoxo

all the photos in this blog can be found by googling countour mistakes they are not my own


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