vaseline spray moisturiser

I know that the Vaseline spray Moisturiser has been around for a few years but this is a newest one that’s got a level 2 in moister and the others are only level 1.  Now like most people that love fast easy and lazy ways out I love this but I also think its the novelty of it haha.  spray rub in and go simple. I like this because it’s just so easy. This one is fragrance free witch is awesome for people like me that have sensitive skin and have the dreaded eczema (thank the hippy gods I only get it on my feet.). what I also love about this is its so light weight and feels cool when you put it on.

Vaseline is one of those brands that has been around for as long as I can remember and it’s one I always go back to time and time again. Being a makeup and beauty lover I love trying all brands and believe me it’s not cheap!. Vaseline has always been very affordable even for those tight on money.

I recommend you all give this baby ago!

I try to keep my product blogs short because I hate reading long blogs my self  I hope you all are enjoying them.

Holzy xx


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