Maybelline master-graphic eyeliner

Maybelline master graphic eye liner. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this one for a few weeks and I FINALLY got it. . . . First things first as a makeup artist in training Im very concerned about the fact that this eye liner smells a little like a permanent marker.

I put this question to maybeline and they replied kind of smug with the ingredients list saying that there’s nothing in it to make it smell like that. as big companies are most of the time hopeless treating like I’m stupid. Thanks Maybelline for giving me information that I can find on the pack! .

Moving on for that …. Having a tremor the shape of this eye liner is easier for me to use massive plus having a firm thick end for people like me means it’s easier to control but I’m still struggling to get past the permanent marker smell a part of me is really hesitant to use this on my face because of it. I’ll update you all if maybelline get back to me.

It’s highly pigmented so you don’t have to go over the Same spot to much. It’s simple to use even though the tip is kinda confronting and once again permanent marker shaped. after a few months of using this eye liner I also had problems with the lid coming apart not sure if im the only one.

please tell me if any of you have tried this and had similar problems?? other people smelt it and agreed mine smelt funny.

holzy xoxo


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