Australis AC on tour contour and highlight kit

I know im late to get on the band wagon with this review because so many other bloggers have blogged about it but I don’t believe in being trendy…..

A lot of people have been comparing it to anastasiabeverlyhills powded contour kit I’ll be honest I have not tried this yet but it is high up on my list of products I would LOVE TO TRY when I get my hands on it I promise you all I will blog about it

Moving on….. This Australis kit is pretty amazing for the cheap price you pay it is hightail pigmented like a little goes a long way! I discovered that the hard way lol. My contouring was ott.

Now although I wouldn’t stock this normally in my ket (mainly because if people are paying top dollar for a service I want to use top brands on them.) I do have one set aside just in case.

BUT for personal use its amazing. I know contouring is not every body’s thing and I get that I never got into it till this year but you have to try every thing once. For those who don’t really contour a lot there is a little chart on the back to push you in the right direction. I would totally recommend this product.

holzy xoxo


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