Lush karma shampoo bar & Jungle conditioner.

 The karma sent from lush is by far my favorite I have it in the perfume and I have had it in the soap as well. I can not wait to try the karma Kream.

Karma shampoo bar smells amazing and I could smell it in my hair long after I got out of the shower it’s like a fruity earthy smell. I was really unsure about using the shampoo bar because my hair is so long I just keep think it would just get all knotted and tangled I don’t know why.  It lathers up really well and really fast I always shampoo my hair twice because that’s what hair dresses always told me to do and I found the second time it lathers better.

Jungle conditioner I wasn’t sure about at first because it’s a solid I was like how on earth does this work. To be honest I’m still not sure haha. It pretty much says to rub through hair from root to tip and rinse it off. It’s coco butter based so it’s really moisturizing. I got thrown off by thing conditioner at first because it dosent feel like bottle conditioner but I really love it.

I really love that there is no package on these products so there’s less waste in landfill out in the world. I recommend people try theses. There sold separately but the karma shampoo is recommended to be used with the jungle conditioner.

Karma shampoo bar
Jungle conditioner

Holzy xx

excise my no makeup


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