Novel review- 3am by nick pirog

amazon kindel/paperback link

iBooks link

This is a short crime novel, as in 170 pages or so it’s the first one in a series and the other books are longer I promise. The concept is good but I think in having the first on short and free via iBooks was to reel you in and then you buy the rest …. Which honestly it totally worked for me. 

It’s a book about Henry bins and he has a rear condition where he sleeps 23 hours a day every night at 3am he wakes for 1 hour and 1 only 4am he will fall asleep no matter where he is. Weird right. Any way one night as his about to fall asleep he hears the girl next door scream and them the mystery begins he uses his one hour every night to solve the crime. Along the way he adopts a cat, gets chased by thugs and meets new people

 Although the book is short (I read it in one day but I have no life lol)  it’s really good I suggest you give it ago 


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