Handbag advice for a makeup artist….

Handbag advice for a makeup artist….

Well for years I did thing with out realizing how much of a waste of space it was since I started my makeup diploma I realized a few things I want to shear with you all…… Take your make up bag out of your bag and look through it!.

I always carried one of everything in mine but! What I’ve learnt in the last 6 months we don’t need to Carry all that stuff.
Before I use to carry heaps because you know just in case.. I had

•foundation and blotting paper





•eye shadow

•blush or bronzer or both


•eye shadow primer
For years a carried all that around and trust me it gets heavy. So here is the go…
If you do your makeup the right way you shouldn’t need to do touch ups. First thing make sure you prime before you apply you know those napoleon add we always made fun of because he says it’s a crime not to prime weeeeelllll it’s kinda true. Use the right prime and powder right do your eyes right or uses an eye primer and your set ! There is things you can get to to set it more like *model in a bottle* that will set for 12 hours or more (I seriously love the stuff I have it in my kit).
So empty your makeup bags cause here is all you really need in it . . . .

Blotting paper – I use the one in the link personal but this stuff is great when your T zone gets that little greesy but like the name says its for blotting not rubbing.

Face powder – once again the one I use is in the link and to be honest I always carry it but don’t always use it it’s the sort of thing that I only use if I blow my nose or wipe my face after eating

* lipstick- I use a tone of brand depending that mood I’m in

* lip balm- lip balm is one staple I don’t leave the house with out!
Hope this helps you all


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