Australis highlights

With the newest make up faze being strobing which for all who don’t know it’s like just highlighting and not the countour. So  I thought I would do for your guys Australis highlighter with you….. I bought these a few months ago to try because we’ll I was curious. I like these although I don’t use them often just because I like to save the full on makeup look contour and all for special occasions because I just like having an extra special makeup look and a everyday one it makes life more exciting haha.   
So here’s the down low there like a cream there is 2 ones one is pearl and the other is gold I got them both to try. I personally prefer the pearl there is something weird about using a gold tint highlighter. 

 I just pump a small bit on my finger and pat it on to the skin. 😃. I love it. 
Marieclair artical on strobing
I always personally liked a shimmering highlight so this is pretty perfect. 

Holzy xx

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4 thoughts on “Australis highlights

    1. You blog has a bit of everything I love it that’s what I’m trying to do sort of. I’m following you now

      Australis is pretty good I also love that it’s cruelty free 😀.

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