essential tremor.

Essential tremor 
Ok hi guys I wanna get real on you for a sec and in away educate a little. No this is not makeup related so if you’re not interested in the real stuff you can leave now… It’s not makeup related but it effects my makeup. 
I have a condition called essential tremor every one that suffers from this movement disorder experience things differently. . In me I have it in my legs and arms/hands. I’m doing this blog to hopefully create more awareness in people.
 So hears some info essential tremor effects every one differently I’m my self I have it in my hands and legs. It’s not curable but it can be controlled/ lessened by medication. it’s the most diagnosed neurological disorder. It is genetic people with essential tremors children have a 50% chance of inheriting it. It worsens with age as well. Essential tremor is an action tremor unlike Parkinson’s that’s a resting tremor. It makes daily things a challenge such as eating, doing makeup, doing buttons ect . 
I was diagnosed a few years ago after I was having lunch with a friend and she noticed it. Mine has worsened over the years I’m on medication to help reduce it but the side effects are low blood pressure and that gives me headaches, fatigue, dizziness and shortness of breath…. Funny world it is.
Well that was a short blog to explain it to you. 😀 I’ve had a lot of questions

The brain foundation.
Essential tremor organization
Holzy xx


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