Technology addicted?!?!

What is a technology addiction?? 
“Technology addiction is a growing trend (O’Reilly, 1996). More common among teens, technology or gaming addiction occurs when a person has a compulsive need to use devices like smart phones, computers, or video games.”Jul 14, 2014
When I was a kid our way of keeping in contact with friends was to run across the road (I lived in a very quite street) and knock on there door to ask if they wanted to play. It wasn’t till I was 15 that phones where affordable and even then all they didn’t text yet or check emails like we can do now. We didn’t have Facebook or Twitter or any of that stuff.  
We had games but even then we still went out side and played. As a blogger and makeup artist i reach for my phone when inspiration hits. Write notes and ideas on the go. 
The other night when my parents and I where at the dinner table eating and dad said “look at you two so addicted to technology you can’t leave you phones alone to eat a meal” ………….. He said as he shoved his plops down his throat to get back to his computer. Go figure. 
Which made me think when did society become so addictive to technology??.

As phones get bigger and better all the time we become more attached to it. Don’t get me wrong I openly admit im addicted to my iPhone/iPad/computer. Has it all come to convent for us that we are just so addicted to it. I mean as I type this I’m in the back seat of a car on my iPhone but the other day I saw a kid about 10 at the dr office on his iPad this is always a shock to me because when I was that age all I wanted was a tamagotchi haha. 
So the question I put to all is are you addicted to technology? 


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