Social eyes half lashes.

i honestly like half lashes More than full ones only for the fact that no everyone needs full ones. Social eyes where first given to me as a gift from my makeup academy but I’ve continued to buy them for my kit (after using the gift on my self) 


This company also do full ones natural and extreme ones as well but I tend to like the half ones more specially if my client already has pretty long lashes it just give them a bit of a top up without being over the top. This company also sell a pretty good lash glue that you don’t have to wait to long for it to dry!. You all should go check it out. If you have trouble applying lashes on your self like I do sometimes because of my tremor they also have special tweezers people can use to apply them. 

I love these because there really reasonably priced yeah you have to order them on line but if you buy a few at a time it will work out cheaper. 
I give these 8 out of 10
Social eye lashes

full lashes


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