what is popular . . . ?

what is popular?? I’ve become to believe that there really is no such thing im not just saying that because I was never popular my self but because I’ve always been picked on or made feel left out. the truth is I see popular as just more people have some thing in common. popularity don’t make the world go round and its not biggie if you don’t become it I just the that so many kids these days are feeling more and more pressure to become that popular person.

As humans it’s automatic and I bet most of the time we don’t even realize it’s happened. I ask all of you out there if you are at school/collage/uni to brake to mould and talk to the “unpopular” person in your class with out being mean because you have no idea how good it will make them feel at the end of the day. I am 29 years old and studying again and I’m feeling the hole divide and I’m honestly hating it. I beg you tomorrow or the next time your in class if you see that one person sitting on there own please go make there day and go at least ask how they are.



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