why my Aunty inspires me!

Why my Aunty inspires me! 
This isn’t a make up post but I really want to do it any way.

My Aunty never stops amazing me at the moment she lives in a little town called ravenshoe in North Queensland before you ask yes she was in the cafe that exploded.
I’ve been through a whirl wine of emotions since I first saw it on the news. Being in Canberra with no money I can’t drop everything to see her and that’s good in away because I don’t think I could bare to see her that way. I call her every now and then every time I hung up the phone I’m so inspired by how positive she is about every thing that’s going on. 
Every time I ring her she asks how I am first she asks about how my diploma is going ect. Before I can even get to how she is. She tells me that she has a twitch in one of her arms that frustrates her and she thinks of me and my essential tremor. 
She’s in hospital with burns and she’s organising money for the less fortunate people. She’s just keeps inspiring me more and more 
Abc arrival 


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