Paper diaries.

Seriously am I the only one that uses paper diaries any more? In an attempt to make me slightly chaotic life look some what organized (key word try) . I went on the mission to get a new page a day dairy so I had a ton of space to write stuff. I have a lot of health problems that I don’t talk about much because well it just don’t come up. I have a condition called essential tremor the medication i take for it gives me low blood pressure so long story short I’m always tired, forgetful and dizzy/head ache. I’ve taken to writing notes to not forget. Page a day dairys seem to be hard to get and/or expensive these days. 
I’ve been told that every one uses electronic diaries these days of there smart phone. Call me old fashioned I don’t know if it’s because I grew up using them but I kinda like something I can touch and write/scribble in. Call me old fashioned I don’t care lol. 
I got this beautiful from typo for $19.95 and its a5 
Holzy Golightly xoxo



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