Lush no drought dry shampoo

No drought dry shampoo 
I wanted to try this because well 1 it’s lush and 2 all the spray ones are spray and that’s not the best for the ozone… I have hippy tendencies. Ok so you all know by now that I have a major love for lush I mostly loves that there products are so simple (ingredients wise).

 So yes I have it in both sizes cause I like the smaller one for on the go or even drop in my kit when I have a gig that involves hair. This product is corn flour based and is grapefruit and lime scented.
First of all a little of this product goes along way and it can be messy if your to careless. I just sprinkle a little on my hair rub it in with my fingers and brush it out simple. It give your hair a lovely citrus smell. I don’t like to wash my hair every day because it strips your hair of its natural oils if you wash to much so this stuff is handy and amazing. 


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